Live Masterclass for Massage Therapists

Building A Massage Business From The Ground Up:

How to Grow from $0-$10,000/Month Without Killing Yourself or Selling Your Soul

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In this Masterclass, you will learn:

- 1 -

The #1 Tip

to turn first time clients into repeats.

- 2 -

3 Often Forgotten Methods

for increasing your average ticket sale.

- 3 -

How to Identify Clients

that are hurting your bottom line versus those that will feed you for years to come.

- 4 -

How to Leverage Your Existing Networks

by implementing techniques that allow others to build your business for you.

- 5 -

How to Identify Hidden Referral Networks

that can help you experience exponential growth.

Your life is about to get better in some amazing ways!

Growing a massage business can be tough! But that doesn't mean it can't be done!

I know that putting yourself out there to create the massage business you've always dreamed of owning might feel a little intimidating! But don't let fear hold you back!

It's time to step off the sidelines, gain clarity, and fast track your success as a massage entrepreneur!

Join me in my FREE Masterclass to learn what it takes to build, launch, and grow a successful massage business.

This Masterclass is a

MUST Attend if...

  • You are about to graduate from massage school and can't wait to jump into the wonderful world of business ownership!
  • You recently graduated from massage school, are working for someone else, but would like to begin building your own massage biz.
  • Have been working for someone else for years and are ready to quit putting off building your own massage business until "someday!"
  • You have an established massage business, but things just aren't quite growing at the rate you would like them to.
  • You've been putting building your business on hold due to the COVID crisis, but with an end in sight, you are ready to gain the tools necessary to launch for real!

I'd like to personally invite you...

Hi. My name is Ali, and I would love to meet you inside my class!

I KNOW how intimidating it can be to grow a massage business into a thriving, successful practice!

And I KNOW that massage schools are not preparing students with all the tools necessary to build a business from scratch. While you may walk away from school with great anatomical knowledge and stellar hands-on skills, the business side of becoming successful is so often overlooked.

Whether you are fresh out of school, about to graduate, or have been working for someone else and are ready to finally take the leap, I've got your back!

As an award-winning massage therapist who has built a thriving business from scratch without ever taking out a single business loan, I've got some tips to share! Ready to hear what they are?

If so, see you inside my class!